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Three different sizes of hook (download)
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10 mm axle
25.4 mm round tube
45 mm oval tube max.
Product Description : The adapters we used on this model rider is not universal, the adapters have to be
attached on horizontal tube/axle in the rear structure of stroller before used. We can confirm our adapters
on this rider can almost fit about 80%~90% strollers sold in the market. Englacha Easy Rider Plus for
children that will attach to almost any baby carriage which has one horizontal tube/axle in its rear structure,
Suitable for a child from 15 months up to a maximum weight of 45 lbs. The Easy Rider Plus is a practical
and comfortable product and can be attached to the axle, rear bar and folding plate of most of prams,
strollers and buggies. It’s a standing platform only. Prams, strollers and folding buggies with a rigid rear axle
or tube, horizontal bow for securing with a diameter of up to 45 mm tube. It may not be suitable for some
baby carriages without applicable rear construction or in cases where the brake function is hindered.

  • Unique connector fits most prams and strollers including umbrella style and concealed brake style
  • Quick on and off connector makes it easy in use and adjustable in height and width
  • Storage strap convenient for keeping the rider in place when not in use
  • Attached coupling straps tightened adapters on the stroller lets the rider more stable when in use