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Kind+Jugend's comments on Englacha        

     An innovative and uniquely ingenious design that
allows the top to be turned, and the small
child to extend its view to all four sides when sitting in
the pram. It allows the child to face the rear
of the pram, thus facing its parents, or to face forward
so as to look around. The seat can also be
positioned sidewards to the travelling direction. It is very
practical, and so very easy and user-friendly.

     With just a few twists of the wrist is all it takes to
turn the seat – the child still in it – in all four
directions. Neither safety, nor stability is ever
jeopardized in the process.

     The Englacha is built to accommodate both the
parent and the child. It is its very purpose
A Perfect Stroller, not only on Unique Innovation, but also on Smart Convenience
Unique Innovation, Smart Convenience
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